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Mobile Tyre Companies Make Your Life a Lot Easier

When your tyres start to go bad, it is crucial to get new ones as soon as possible, because everything is literally riding on them. When you are transporting something as important as your family around from place to place, you want your tyres to be reliable. When they’re not, it is good to know that there are reliable tyre companies that can either repair or replace them altogether.

Convenience Just Got a Li/ttle Easier

Many of today’s tyre companies know how busy most people are and they therefore offer mobile tyre services that make your life a little easier. This means that they will come to where you are and repair or replace your tyre immediately, allowing you to get back on the road again soon. The companies that repair or replace tyres in RH10 are available 24 hours a day and provide top-notch services every time, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve when an emergency occurs and making it much easier to go back to your life.

Expert Services at Reasonable Prices

Just because these companies offer invaluable services doesn’t mean that they are expensive; in fact, most of them charge very reasonable prices. They also offer other services such as work on batteries, puncture repairs, wheel alignments, and even oil changes. They will provide you with a free quote beforehand and are usually at your location within an hour. Best of all, they can tow your car to their facility if it is not possible to make the repairs where you are and they work very hard to offer competitive prices for every service that they provide.

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How To Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

If you are located in a region that reaches extremely high temperatures during the summer, it can be devastating when the air conditioning unit in your car goes out. Having a functioning air conditioner is vital to both the comfort of the driver and passengers, and prolonged amounts of time in a car without a venting source can be very frustrating. One option is to take your car into the shop and let the mechanics work their magic, however it is also possible to fix your air conditioner from your own home. Here are the steps to learning what the causes are, and how to fix the broken air conditioning unit inside your vehicle.

  1. The first step to fixing your car’s air conditioning is to get a decent feel for how the overall unit functions. The structure of the heating and cooling unit in your car is very similar to that of a refrigerator, but with a bit of a funky layout. Its main purpose is to remove the heat from the inside of the cabin to the outside, and lower the temperatures of the new air coming in to cool everything off. What you want to do is just get a general feel for all the parts that are involved so you have a better understanding of how it works.
  2. Next, it is in your best interest to learn more about all the different sections inside the air conditioning unit. There are several components that work together inside the car that allow this unit to function, and some of these parts include: the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, receiver, dryer and the refrigerant. It is really important to get to know each of these parts individually so that you can better identify what you are working with.
  3. The following step involves understanding the air conditioning process. The compressor is the lead section of the overall system, so take some time to refer to some online car literature and your owner’s manual to get educated on that aspect of the unit.
  4. Next, go to your local auto parts shop and purchase some fluorescent dye to put into the system to check for leaks. Leaks are generally easy to spot because you will be able to see where the dye comes out. This process is called checking the R-134a, and if the system is totally wrecked, then there will be no pressure coming out of the tubes at all. If that is the case, you will have to check the PSI level of the valve.
  5. After this part of the process is complete, turn on your car and pop open the hood to see if compressor unit is functioning. What you will be looking for is a small pulley-like piece that moves back and forth with steel pieces going into a rubber piece. If you have your air conditioning unit turned on, but this pulley is not moving, then it is likely either a bad fuse or a wiring problem.
  6. The next thing to do is to see if there is any cooling air coming out of your vents. If you feel some of the air coming out but it isn’t a whole lot, the issue could just be a matter of low pressure. This can be corrected by filling it up with refrigerant, but be careful not to overfill the system. Adding too much coolant can cause your vehicle to experience a decrease in performance over time. If all else fails, take your car to the mechanic to get an estimate on what the cost will be to repair your air conditioning system.

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Four Signs You Need an Engine Reconditioning

It may surprise you to learn just how many vehicles currently on the road are fitted with reconditioned engines, and this option is one way to help you save money and time without losing quality along the way. There are companies in Perth that make it their priority to provide nothing but the best in engine reconditioning, but not all motorists are aware they need such a thing for their current vehicle. Even when problems are increasingly evident, it may be easy to put off having repairs and replacements made because such motorists fear the cost of such things, not knowing they only increase the amount they’ll spend by waiting.


If you operate your vehicle in any capacity and begin to hear odd or unusual sounds emanating from your engine, it is a sure sign that something it not quite right, which is especially true if you hear a “knocking” sound that increases in volume when you rev the engine. The loud and unusual sound may cause you to think something is knocking rather roughly on your engine, and is a sign something is certainly not quite right with your vehicle. Reconditioned engines will allow you to address this issue by completely eliminating the problem altogether without the cost of a brand new engine.


The exhaust pipe of your vehicle will produce smoke on occasion, but it should certainly not be doing so at a constant or high volume rate. It may be time for engine reconditioning in Perth if you begin to notice your vehicle not only producing more smoke, but also thicker and darker smoke over time, indicating a serious problem. As you continue to drive along the road and complete your daily routines, pay close attention to your exhaust pipe and the type of smoke coming out of it, and take the time to note how often this altered smoke is released.

Burning Oil

A normal aspect of vehicle maintenance is to have the oil in the car changed every so many months or after so many kilometres, but it may be that your vehicle is burning through oil far more quickly than it should. For example, you may begin to burn through 1 quart of oil for every 1500 kilometres driving, which is a highly increased rate of burning as well as a sign of a problem somewhere in your engine. If you suspect you are running out of oil far too quickly, ask a professional the rate at which your particular vehicle is expected to burn oil, and take note of your oil levels over time to test whether this is the case for your unique vehicle or if you need engine reconditioning.

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Basic Information for Tuning Your Car’s Engine

Keeping your car in good shape is very important. Making sure that the engine has been tuned and the car’s fuel efficiency is on par with recommended levels is also very important. If there’s an issue with your car, especially an electrical or mechanical problem, you should get it checked out right away. Some issues you might experience include:

  • Jerks and throttle missing when you accelerate the car
  • The car shuts off randomly
  • You notice weird sounds coming from under the car’s bonnet

Car engine tuning in Northamptonshire is offered by a number of different companies. It’s important for you to take your car for a tuning every six to eight months. Here are some basic things you should know about tuning your car’s engine.

Replace the Plugs

The spark plugs in your car’s engine are required for providing electricity to the engine and ensuring smooth performance. With time, these plugs get dirty, and the spark gets smaller and smaller. This will affect vehicle performance, fuel economy, as well as acceleration. Make sure you replace the plugs every eight to ten months.

Use an OBD II Scanner

There are certain issues that don’t really present themselves until you start looking for them. Using an OBD II scanner will make it easy for you to scan your vehicle for error codes in the sensors and the engine. If there are any error codes, you can get them fixed in their early stages, which will save you a great deal of money in the long run.