Once a year, every car owner, including BMW owners, have to re-register their car. It helps the state to keep an updated list of the vehicles and their owners. It comes in handy during the time of crime detection. It is a time-consuming process. But, if you have a BMW rego inspection service provider in Brookvale by your side. They are like a one-stop shop. All you have to do is make a call to them, hand over the required paper and they handle the entire process for you.

The Process Of Rego Inspection

There are three steps to rego inspection and getting your car re-registered. The first one is to get a pink slip, i.e, the safety inspection. It takes 20 minutes at least and is a must for all the BMWs older than 3 years. However, if you have an unregistered car, you would need a blue slip. This includes the safety check and a thorough check of the history of the vehicle. So, if your BMW has run out on rego for over 3 months, or you have brought your car from interstate, you need a blue slip. You can let your BMW rego inspection service provider in Brookvale handle this for you while you do other important works.

Then you will need the green slip, the compulsory third party personal insurance. It is only after obtaining the blue slip that you can pay the registration fees to RMS, the Rods and Maritime Services and get a new number plate. The BMW rego inspection in Brookvale can not only get everything done but can also fix your number plate for you.

Can You Drive The Vehicle Without Registration?

In most states, you can drive your vehicle without registration temporarily. You can request a temporary registration for 30-45 days. I will allow you to drive your vehicle without registration as you wait for the rego inspection. While some states will only allow you to drive your vehicle from the place of purchase to the place of storage.

A BMW rego inspection company in Brookvale can help you go through the inspection process. It is only after the inspection that you will be able to legally drive your vehicle around.

Importance of Car Insurance

You can’t renew the registration of your BMW, or any car for that matter, without the insurance. After the authorities complete the inspection of your BMW, you must register your vehicle with the local Motor Vehicle Department. This registration process needs the insurance of your vehicle.

Provide insurance with at least the minimum amount specified by the state where you are registering your vehicle. No insurance, no registration. You can take the help of the BMW rego inspection service provider in Brookvale with the insurance and registration process.

For selecting the best insurance agency, you can compare the quotes of different vehicle insurance companies. You can either do this online or ask around. Your inspection service provider can also help you in this matter. When all the requirements are met and you have completed the rego inspection, you will receive the registration number for your vehicle. And then, you can show your majestic beast off.