During the winter months, it is important to take extra care when operating your vehicle. It is a good idea to visit a service centre to have your car checked to ensure it is in the best condition to tackle the winter roads.

Braking Distance

When it comes to controlling your vehicle on icy or snowy roads, braking distance is vitally important. If your car isn’t prepared to navigate on slippery terrain, your ability to stop will be almost impossible. If you need to check your brakes or tyres in Bexhill-on-Sea, you should do before the winter sets in. A reputable service centre can run a full diagnostic to ensure everything in your car is working well. A full service and inspection include checks such as:

  • Checking of lights, tyres, exhaust and operation of brakes and steering
  • Engine oil change
  • Engine tuning
  • Steering alignment
  • Suspension assessment

Peddle Pressure

When driving during icy conditions, you should remember to apply light pressure to the brake pedal when you wish to stop. A sudden jerk on the pedal may cause you to skid and lose control of the vehicle.


If you’ve any issues with your lights, you should have it resolved by a mechanic before you decide to go out on the road. They help you and other road users to see, reducing the chance of an accident.

Drive Carefully

You must slow down to suit the conditions you are driving in – icy or snowy road surfaces are highly dangerous and one false move could spell disaster.

Be cautious driving during winter, and always have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic.