MOT testing centre

When you go to an MOT testing centre, you need to be prepared. You can overcome any worries along these lines if you know what MOT testing specialists cover when they are examining your car. Most people fail MOT tests for minor reasons. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have checked as many details as you can before you schedule your car for an MOT assessment,

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Some of the Main Reasons

The main reasons people fail MOT testing in St. George include the following:

  • Squealing brakes. This indicates brake pad wear. To pass the MOT test, make sure that the pads are at least 1.5mm thick.
  • Tyre w When tyres wear down, it can affect your car’s handling. It can also end in a blowout at a high rate of speed, especially if the tyres are extremely damaged or worn. The legal tyre thickness is 1.6mm. However, you should replace your tyres before they reach this point.
  • Headlight alignment. If you have your headlights pointing the wrong direction, it can lead to glare or a blinding light. Make sure that the garage checks the alignment before you take your MOT test.
  • Dashboard warnings. If you see lights illuminate on your dashboard, you need to have a diagnostic check.
  • Screen w Over 4000 vehicles failed MOT testing because the owners did not top off the screen wash for their vehicles.

Can You Read Your Plate?

As you can see, you can prevent a failed MOT test. You just need to know what to look for when you are preparing for the test. Take time to check your plate as well as it should be easily read.