Mazda was never a follower, but always a leader. The brand has encouraged its designers go unrestrained by the convention and craft the vehicles with a purpose. In other words, Mazda’s designers always get to enjoy the freedom of creating works of art. The motif behind every time making a new design is mainly to create a vehicle in pursuit of beauty while it has been often observed that Mazda keeps its quest alive for to allure people with the notions of simplicity banking on the roots of the company that was formed from the concept of Japanese design.

Aesthetic Value

Mazda has given aesthetic values a priority over many other aspects. Each of its vehicle design shows the importance of aesthetics, that also helps in building up a unique personality of each model that has a distinctive purpose to follow. When any designer of Mazda puts his pen on to the paper, it is pretty obvious that things are going to be out to inspire people at large. Each design module is crafted to cultivate the relationship between the driver and the car become stronger.

Belief in Making an Artful Design

Mazda has shown its belief in creating an artful design since the beginning of its journey. The brand has kept honing the skills of art among its engineers and designers who worked with heart-felt passion and mechanical expertise, that has been awarded from the brand in the highest regard. At Riverside Mazda the experts were proud to share the fact as an integral part of Japanese car company, they believe in the concept that when a form takes shape with painstaking sincerity by the human hands, the sculpture breathes in a soul.

Mazda’s KODO Design

Every Mazda model brings to its newly crafted body a life that is born out of Mazda’s KODO Design. It is through the higher sense of elegance in tune with the taste for sophistication, that each car from Mazda represents. Even while designing for the sedan and hatchback versions of the same car model, the teams stay equally inspired and motivated to craft out the lines with the same energy as they feel while curving out a new model series.

The KODO design is based on a “single motion” concept that they implement in the overall form of any model. It creates an optical illusion with the help of the way in which the light and the shadows move, and the way the reflections glide through the body and finally achieve in creating the feeling that the car is moving even when it is actually stationery.

The Bottom Line

According to the experts of the Riverside Mazda dealership, although all the trims of a model share the same name series, each of them is able to communicate a different taste of aesthetic form that uniquely owes to its personality. Mazda designs have always been clean and sleek, that perfectly blends the sophistication with the strength and reliability one expects from a car.