Buy used cars

Unless you happen to be a qualified mechanic, buying a second-hand car is fraught with risk, as you never really know whether or not the car has been properly maintained. We have all heard the horror stories of people who have ended up paying top prices for a sub-standard vehicle, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you select the right motor.

  • Buy from a Reputable Used Car Dealer – Buying a second-hand car from a private seller is asking for trouble, as they would not be prepared to issue a warranty; with “sold as seen” being the norm with a private sale. There is a cheap used car company in Hull with an excellent reputation for only selling cars that are in very good condition, and they are great at fixing low interest finance.
  • Insist on a Test Drive – This is absolutely essential, and if your knowledge of cars is limited, there are companies that will inspect the vehicle, which includes a test drive. The small cost is worth it, as you can be sure that the vehicle is in good shape. When driving, listen for any strange noises and notice the overall performance of the car, including steering, braking and suspension.
  • Ask for a Warranty – It might be anything from 3 months to a year, but either way, you should have some form of guarantee, should a fault develop in the first few weeks.

The best way to source a reliable vehicle is to visit a local used car dealer that has a good reputation within the local community, and with a warranty, you can move ahead with the purchase.